SALI Training Schedule for 2020

Interested in training? The South African Landscapers' Institute (SALI) regional training schedule has been launched.

For Gauteng training, contact Corn√© Nothnagel on   For Cape training, contact Gaynor Demas on

18 - 19 March 2020
18 - 19 March 2020Resilient Garden Design course
Presented by Donovan Gillman & Marijke Honig

This course is aimed at professional landscape architects and landscape technologists with a knowledge of planting design and the basics of local plant knowledge, but will be open to all knowledgeable amateurs as well.

CPD accredited: 2 points

Training Venue:  Gauteng

1 April 2020
1 April 2020Power Tool 1
Presented by STIHL SA

Nylon line and the effects it has on your machine. Safe working procedures of brush cutters.

Daily maintenance and why it needs to be done. Introduction of new machines and technology,and methods in a practical session.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

29 April 2020
29 April 2020Health & Safety
Presented by TBC

Morning session to cover site and vehicle safety, bees and snakes and basic fire information.

Afternoon session will include information on completing H&S files, and the do's and dont's if an accdent occurs and the legal liability connected to your daily activities.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

21 May 2020
21 May 2020Basic Irrigation
Presented by SABI and Rainbird

Get to know the basic irrigation design, as well as how to fix that pesky leak.

Learn how to take care of your irrigation systems and obtain valuable information on smart water use with the latest in irrigation controllers.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

15 June 2020
15 June 2020Power Tool 2
Presented by STIHL SA

Did you know that Stihl has battery operated equipment?

These tools might be perfect for some of your sites...hospitals, offices or schools. Get the latest information on this green way of gardening.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

22 June 2020
22 June 2020Government Policy
Presented by TBC

Gain valuable information on everything B-BEE related and how to obtain your points, government policies and how to complete tender documents.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

30 June 2020
30 June 2020Everything Pruning
Presented by Mia Marsay

This session will include methods of pruning, plant shapes and basic "working at heights", safety aspects and how to care for your equipment.

Trees, shrubs, hedges and roses.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

7 July 2020
7 July 2020Social Media
Presented by Kay Montgomery

Social media is vital for any company in today's age. Join us for a fun and informative morning on how to market your company better.

Get the best from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles #GetYourSocialOn

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

24 July 2020
24 July 2020Everything Lawn
Presented by Evergreen Turf, Mayford Seed, Biogrow and Standler Farms

Excellent for new workers! We will cover how to correctly and professionaly install instant lawn and applying seed.

How do we maintain lawn after installations - lawn dressing, fertilizers and pest control.

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

3 August 2020
3 August 2020Hydrozoning
Presented by Dr Leslie Hoy

What is the current water situation in South Africa and how can the green industries can assist on improving it.

Benefits of hydrozoning, allocating water volumes and the application for the green industries,

CPD Accredited: 0.1 per hour

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

25 August 2020
25 August 2020Pools & Water Features
Presented by TBC





Training venue: Midrand, Gauteng

3 September 2020
3 September 2020Everything trees
Presented by TBC

Planting and transplanting trees. Fertilizing schedules and pest / disease control.

This session will cover all your questions about all aspects of trees. 

Latest PSHB information to be shared with members.

Training venue: Midrand, Gauteng

22 September 2020
22 September 2020Basic Landscape Design Course
Presented by Sbu Dladla, Tshwane University of Technology

Lecturing at TUT, Sbu provides students with the tools to become world-class landscapers. 

Join in and sharpen up. Discover the latest trends in landscaping and creative ideas for your landscaping projects.

CPD accredited: pending

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

6 October 2020
6 October 2020Awards of Excellence Portfolios
Presented by Sbu Dladla, a Gauteng Regional Judge in the annual SALI Awards of Excellence

Compiling a SALI awards portfolio entry can be intimidating.

Let us help you, step-by-step on what you need to submit a perfect portfolio.

CPD accredited: pending

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng

17 November 2020
17 November 2020Leslie's Model
Presented by Dr Leslie Hoy

All you need to know about tracking water in the landscape. 

Learn how to work with Dr Leslie Hoy's PhD water conservation model. Track water use on all your landscaping projects by using his water use formulae.

CPD accredited: pending

Training venue:  Midrand, Gauteng